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Acknowledgement of Country — WestConnex would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we have built WestConnex and our public art and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and invite everyone to share, be proud and be empowered by their culture.

Eight Rings by Dan Templeman


Linear Park, near King Georges Road, Beverly Hills

My real hope is it gets people moving, physically moving so that they come and see the work.

Dan Templeman’s vibrant new work Eight Rings transforms Linear Park near King Georges Road, Beverly Hills. The work is created for the enjoyment and engagement of adjoining residents and users of Linear Park, helping to activate the existing parkland with this exciting cultural intervention.

Templeman says "The idea for this work really stemmed from the concept of movement and people moving through as it relates to the WestConnex project. My real hope is it gets get people moving, physically moving so that they come and see the work, they want to explore, they move around it."

The work is conceived as two identical sets of four rings ‘cut’ from two identical cylinders. The two sets of rings touch and by ‘turning’ the rings away from each other, a complex dynamic emerges in which foreground and background merge and separate in a jumble of seemingly disparate arcs.

As the viewer moves around the work it appears to change. The complex and scrambled form is quickly untangled when the viewer moves to apprehend the singularity of each set of rings. The re-joining of the eight rings into a set of two gives the artwork an elusive quality that promotes exploration and engagement, transforming the environment and one’s perception of it.

Headshot of the artist Dan Templeman

Dan Templeman

Brisbane, Australia

Daniel Templeman completed a Doctorate in Visual Arts with the Queensland College of Art in 2013. He has exhibited both Nationally and Internationally and has completed major public art works at the Brisbane Magistrates Court, The Queensland/New South Wales border, 31 Queen Street Melbourne, University of Western Sydney, North Sydney, Gold Coast University Hospital, Suzhou China, and several works throughout Brisbane. Templeman was the recipient of an Australian Post–Graduate Scholarship; he was also awarded the Queensland Art Gallery's Melville Haysom Memorial Art Scholarship. In addition to the Crane Arts Philadelphia residency, Daniel was awarded an Art Omi international Residency in New York in 2008.

Daniel’s artistic practice explores notions of perception and connection.

Perception, by engaging the viewer in a conceptual conflict, for example, what appears solid is hollow, what appears fluid is fixed; and connection by creating objects that are contingent on secondary phenomenon such as light, movement, gravity, the site and the body. Imbued with a desire to create a sense of place, the works are created in response to the surrounding elements, architecture and historical context. Daniel’s artworks are the result of the possibilities of the place one finds them in. He has been working predominately in public art since 2004, with over 15 large-scale commissions in locations that stretch from Perth to North Queensland, and from Melbourne to China.




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