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Acknowledgement of Country — WestConnex would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we have built WestConnex and our public art and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and invite everyone to share, be proud and be empowered by their culture.

Time Tunnel by Mistery & Mikey Freedom


Arinya Underpass, Kingsgrove

The colour also speaks to it being inviting so as to create spaces that people might have been hesitant but now feel a bit more at peace and at ease. The imagery encourages people to think about the history and the future of this area. It’s there for everybody.

Local street artists Matthew Peet (aka Mistery) and Michael Lothian (aka Mikey Freedom) were commissioned nearly two decades ago to paint an underpass mural for Linear Park, Kingsgrove. The artist team is re-commissioned for Canal to Creek: The M8 Public Art Program to install a new large-scale painting in Arinya underpass, bringing a contemporary perspective to the parkland. This time, Mistery and Mikey Freedom are making a bigger and bolder statement across the architecture of the tunnel, the artwork literally pouring out of the underpass.

The work does two things: plays with depth and perspective, creating an optical illusion when viewed from certain vantage points. This multi-dimensional space encourages the audience to enter the work. It also depicts key buildings from past, present and future Kingsgrove, documenting the changing urban landscape and transformations in place and culture.

Headshot of the artist Mistery & Mikey Freedom

Mistery & Mikey Freedom

Sydney, Australia

Local street artists Matthew Peet (aka Mistery) and Michael Lothian (aka Mikey Freedom) have been creating independently for a long time.

Mistery is an enigma. A graffiti writer, comic artist & Hip-Hop practitioner via emceeing & breaking, he isn't merely limited to just that. With a master’s degree in fine arts he also explores the mediums of sculpture, video & installation to create artworks with a variety of influences & themes aimed, at creating experiences & provoking thought.

Mikey Freedom has been painting murals for a number of decades. He is an artist with a versatile style, having a penchant for colour & a love for line. He rocks everything from oils to collage, drawing to graffiti & murals to design. Caught between a love for Jazz, Surfing & Hip Hop, he draws his own line.



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