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Fantastic Worlds by Christina Huynh (Styna)


Lundy Underpass, Kingsgrove

The thing with street art is it’s so subjective but I hope it will bring about a feeling of wellbeing and joy.

Christina Huynh (aka STYNA) is a Western Sydney based artist whose work is inspired by travels to faraway places, storytelling, and heritage. She brings these themes to her new large-scale painting Fantastic Worlds at Lundy underpass, Kingsgrove.

The work celebrates Kingsgrove’s local heritage and cultural diversity. Key elements in the work are the native Gouldian finch, national flowers from around the world, and a series of terracotta pots. The pots reference Mashman Pottery Works which opened in Kingsgrove in 1910- 2010 and produced traditional terracotta products. Many of these objects are now part of significant decorative arts collections including the Powerhouse Museum. STYNA pays tribute to this long tradition of arts and craftsmanship that is part of Kingsgrove’s heritage.

The idea of the work is to convey that fantastic worlds aren’t so far from our day to day – when one seeks it, there are actually things happening all around.

Headshot of the artist Christina Huynh (Styna)

Christina Huynh (Styna)

Western Sydney, Australia

Christina Huynh is an illustrator and muralist based in Western Sydney, Australia. Painting under the artist name STYNA, Christina enjoys creating work inspired by travels to faraway places, storytelling and heritage. From using traditional mediums of watercolour, ink and pen to aerosol and acrylic, her art practice explores creating large-scale murals, illustration and bookmaking.

Christina enjoys creating work inspired by travels to faraway places, storytelling and heritage.

Upon completing her studies in a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at the Western Sydney University in 2011, Christina began working in 2012 and has since created work for the National Library of Australia, Westfield - Scentre Group, WestConnex, Sydney Fringe Festival, Brisbane Street Art Festival, Banna Property Group and NSW Department of Education.



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